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A Few Things About Baxter and the Bear

This is the first picture I ever turned into a poster.

It's for the King of Comedy. I'm self taught in photography and graphic design - my background is actually in Film Studies. This shop is the result of a bunch of failed attempts to start a film blog. So while I'm not writing about movies, I hope I'm still able to convey the way I think about and understand the movies that I love. You can look at these as simple references to movie and TV, and you wouldn't be wrong, but I hope you can see something deeper in them.

This is the item that was the hardest to find.

The Huggies from Raising Arizona took a few years to find, as the market for vintage diapers is quite competitive. Each poster starts with the item. I find everything in the real world - thrift shops, flea markets, eBay - and match what's seen in the movie or TV show. Sometimes that takes some doing.

This is the toughest prop I've recreated myself.

Howard Ratner's Furby piece from Uncut Gems took a Happy Meal toy, a tube of glue, gold spray paint, a bag of flat back crystals, and a whole bunch of patience to complete. Anything that I can't find, I make myself (with the occasional assist from my uber-talented wife). I don't use mass-produced prop replicas (that takes the fun out of it) or someone else's recreations (because that's their art), so anything in the photo has been procured by myself.

This is where I'm from.

Pittsburgh born and raised. I live in the old Steel City with my family and operate my studio out of my home. I love this city for it's straight-fowardness, its grit and its sense of humor - all qualities that I hope shine through in my work. I can't thank you enough for checking out my shop!
Dan Grguras
Baxter and the Bear